Musician’s Toolbox

If you want to jump into learning guitar NOW and get results NOW then the Musician’s Toolbox method is for you. They offer a unique first person point of view video experience that let’s you see the instructor’s fretting hand as if it were your own.

This makes it incredibly easy to tell immediately how you should be holding a chord.

This is where the benefit to the Musician’s Toolbox comes into play. Typically when learning guitar, you’re sitting across from someone as they show you chord formations. This is a very difficult way to learn, because from that angle it’s hard to see what their fingers are doing. Most of the time the back of their hand completely blocks what you need to be seeing!

Musician’s Toolbox gets around this by showing you a view of the guitar that you would see if you were actually playing it. This allows you to easily see exactly how you should be playing each and every chord.

Take Your Learning With You!

For about the price of ONE TRADITIONAL GUITAR LESSON you get the entire Musician’s Toolbox program that you can take anywhere. It plays on any video capable device you have, whether that’s your home computer, laptop, iPod or PSP!