Step by step instructions for playing online casino

If you want to play gambling, you first need to find a reliable casino. For example, you can explore all the necessary information about platinum play flash and other casinos at Now let’s talk about what you have to do next. Opening an account at an online casino If you are satisfied with everything, […]

Who‌ ‌is‌ ‌a‌ ‌DevOps‌ ‌engineer?‌ ‌

It is impossible to tell about DevOps-engineers in two words: someone says that such a specialist does not exist, and someone is convinced that it is the same sysadmin, but from a different angle. Not a profession, but a mystery. For the sake of greater clarity, we have interviewed experts who unfolded their answers to […]

How To Practice Guitar For Live Playing

Tired of making mistakes and being nervous about playing guitar live? Here is some good news: although it may seem like mistakes during live playing come “out of nowhere”, realize that ALL guitar playing mistakes are merely a result of ineffective or insufficient practice. This is GOOD to know, because it means your live guitar […]

The 80/20 Rule For Guitar Players

Have you ever noticed how some guitar players, who practice less, seem to make more progress than others who practice more? That can cause great frustration for guitar players in the second group! If you are like most guitarists, the following two statements are approximately true (whether you are aware of it or not):

Plans Are NOT Goals

Anyone who has read any of my articles related to the subject of learning/teaching guitar knows I am very goal oriented in my guitar teaching. Before I begin teaching or coaching (yes there are differences between the two) I always begin by asking the student what his or her musical goals are (both the short […]

Most Guitar Players Are Totally Out Of Balance

Most students of the guitar are totally out of balance with the skills they have. Those of you who have read my other articles know that I am not a believer in studying all music related things, nor am I a believer in studying a billion different guitar playing styles and techniques.

Begin At The End

One of the most valuable lessons to be learned, in terms of achieving big musical goals, is to begin at the end. When working towards any goal, most people begin at the beginning (sounds logical doesn’t it?). The problem with starting at the beginning is most of us are focused on where we are right now. […]

Free Guitar Tabs

Guitar tabs are just about the easiest way to learn how to play specific songs. They are also just a great tool for learning guitar, period. Before the internet if you wanted to find guitar tabs for a song you had to purchase big bulky books that, often times, also had a bunch of guitar tabs […]

In Praise of the Stack

There’s no sight finer than a guitarist stood in front of a towering stack of Marshall Amps head down, fingers gliding across the strings and the crowd going wild for a guitar solo!

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