Dreams by Van Halen Cover

I stumbled across a YouTube video of Van Halen performing the song “Dreams” from their debut album with Sammy Haggar “5150.” It’s a great song, if you like the Sammy era, which you should. You should also like the Dave ere, of course. You know…it’s okay to like both.

Anyway, I thought I might be able to crank out a quick acoustic version of it…so I did. Now, it’s only about 80% complete because I was just winging it and, well, I forgot 20% while performing.

How did I just figure this out in about 10 minutes from ear? It’s easy when you understand how songs are structured and what chords are used to construct many songs. Most songs you know and love are all built off very similar chord progressions. It doesn’t take many guitar lessons for you to start catching on to this. Before you know it you’ll be listening to a song on your car’s stereo and know that “Oh, this songs is using THESE chords in THIS order!”