Jamorama is by far the best guitar course you can get your hands on. And that’s not just me talking. When asked, 83% of Jamorama users said they would ABSOLUTELY recommend Jamorama to their friends, family, and collegues. Why is that? Because Jamorama is an extremely well executed lesson plan that takes you from absolute ground-zero to totally competant and proficient guitarist. If you have FIFTEEN minutes a day, you can learn guitar with Jamorama.

The approach they take to teaching guitar considers your frame of mind as a student. Instead of simply dumping a bunch of individual lessons in your lap for you to plod through in the hopes of learning something eventually, the Jamorama course is built around this question: What should I learn next?

They know this is the question that is always on your mind as a learning guitarist, and they KNOW what the answer that question always is. They have structured their lesson plans so that you move from step to step in a way that makes sense and is easy to grasp.

Learn Online Anytime, Anywhere!

With Jamorama you can start learning guitar, and continue learning guitar, from the comfort of your own home at your own pace. Download full lessons and videos to your laptop so you can truly learn and practice anywhere!

Let’s face it, learning something new is ALWAYS easier to do when you’re not stressed out about it. If you don’t have to be somewhere at a specific time, or deal with the embarrassment of playing in front of other people. Jamorama eliminates these obstacles so that you can focus entirely on learning guitar when it works best for you and without other distractions.

Learn Just by Listening

With Jamorama you’ll not only learn the ins and outs of playing guitar on a nuts and bolts level – how to tune a guitar, how to play chords, picking patterns – but you learn ear training as well. This means you’ll be able to quickly and easily learn any song simply by listening to it!

Who do I Learn From

Jamorama demands that their guitar teachers be masters of the instrument. The guitarists they hire to compile lesson plans, books and videos are professionals in the industry who have worked with some of the greatest musicians of all time, including Bob Dylan, Patti Smith, Taj Mahal, Keb Mo’, Tuck and Patti, and Crowded House.

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